Soft-air is a sport and recreational activity based on a non-violent simulation of military actions. During the game loyal toy reproductions of military weapons, called air soft guns (acronym ASG) are used. Thanks to a wind-up mechanism they shoot, with a power lower than 1 Joule (maximum range of 50 meters), little biodegradable balls with a 6 millimeters circumference.

Honesty is one of the principles underpinning this discipline, which is based on each player’s fairness: indeed, every individual has to raise his hand and shout “Hit!” after being shot by a little ball, and then abandon the playing area until the end of the game. There are many kinds of game, nothing is standardized and every match is different from the previous one: everything is connected to the organizer’s creativity. Everything can be simulated in the game, which does not have a fixed temporal duration.

In Monte Bignone area some places suitable for this discipline have been identified from some sport authorized associations. Everyone can join the associations to participate in the activities. From September to June, and during the weekend, is the most busy period of these areas called “fields”. These areas are situated in the territory of Ceriana and Sanremo.

Basic rules to be strictly respected:

  • Ban on making fires, smokes, firecrackers or any other artifice creating flame or smoke;
  • Ban on damaging vegetation and the environment;
  • Ban on shooting at animals or people who are not joining the game;
  • Ban on playing without a mask covering both eyes and teeth;
  • Ban on carrying knives or other blades and wearing military grades or symbols other than the fictional ones created and distributed by the Club to subscribers.


Support Soft-Air

  • S.D. S.A.G. Riviera dei Fiori, sede in Sanremo, Strada Due Valloni 22, contatto Tinelli Alfredo, cellulare 340 2858384 e-mail:
  • C.P.S. Legione Phoenix, sede in Ospedaletti, Via Aurelia Ponente 71, contatto Alborno Tiziana, cellulare 335 5242216 e-mail:
  • S.D. Bad Boys Softair Sanremo, sede in Sanremo, Via Margotti 3, contatto Gagliardi Daniele, cellulare 320 7055565, e-mail:,