The area surrounding Monte Bignone is crossed by some long-distance trekking paths, which are registered for the Ligurian Excursion Network (in Italian called Rete Escursionistica Ligure – R.E.L.) such as the Sentiero Liguria (Ligurian path) and it proposes daily theme paths, enhancing geological, ecological and historical-archeological peculiarities of these places. There are many paths, fitted for different hikers’ categories.

A ridgeline links the Ligurian Alps (and the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri trail) to the sea, passing through the panoramic peaks of Monte Ceppo, Monte Bignone, Monte Caggio e Monte Carparo. The wooded slopes offer many well-shaded places to wander in the mountains, where there is an abundant variety of natural renowned spaces hosting the remains of traditional and ancient human activities.

In this area we find indeed tracks of human settlements also known as “castellari” or upland sites since they were built on the mountaintops, usually equipped with fortified walls made of dry stones and moats, realized by Ligurian indigenous populations of the second Iron Age (V – II cent. B.C.).