A dense branching of Mountain Bike trails, long identified with a distinctive name, characterises the slopes that open up like an amphiteater from Monte Bignone (1.302 m) towards the Sanremo coastline.

Some of these trails attract the most experienced bikers because of their particular attractiveness and their worldwide reputation, others are best suited for less experienced users.

Tracks are categorized in relation to difficulty levels. Judging levels is not easy because there are many evaluation elements depending on users and the local context. The information given to the users has to be as comprehensive as possible (there are many foreign bikers) and therefor a traffic light identification has been applied, using green – light blue – red – black colours in order to characterize the increasing difficulty level (easy – medium – difficult – very difficult).

In order to guarantee everyone safety for transiting mountain bike tracks a regulation for bikers and hikers has been adopted.


  • No motorcycles transit (e-bikes allowed)
  • No pedestrian transit (MTB reserved routes) (*)
  • Give way to pedestrians in mixed paths
  • Complying with the indicated transit direction is mandatory
  • Ban on transit outside the marked paths
  • Ban on modifying trails and signage
  • Do not stop on the tracks
  • Ban on abandoning things, waste and discharging polluting liquids
  • Ban on transit in case of weather warning
  • Wearing the helmet is mandatory
  • Always use caution towards the others and in facing bends
  • Use caution depending on trails’ difficulties and according to one’s own abilities
  • Do not scare the animals, do not damage the environment